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Analysis:Top five environmental threats in Lebanon

Lebanon faces a number of environmental threats, including air and water pollution, risks associated with climate change, and the impact of the 2006 war with Israel. IRIN takes a look at the top five.

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Lebanon welcomes Iranian investment in energy, water sectors

Tehran — Lebanese Energy and Water Minister Jamil Bassil welcomed Iranian investment in various sectors of his country.  Talking to reporters after a meeting with Iran’s Energy Minister Majid Namjoo, he said that Iran is determined to help solve Lebanon’s problems in the field of energy.

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Beirut needs to invest in alternative energy, experts say

Energy experts agreed Thursday on Lebanon’s need to meet the increasing demand for energy by finding alternative sources of power.

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Lebanon to Auction Offshore Gas Exploration by 2012, Says Bassil

Energy and Water Minister Jebran Bassil on Thursday said Lebanon plans to outline its maritime sea borders and auction off rights to explore potential offshore natural gas and petrol reserves by 2012.

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Higher crude prices could raise inflation in GCC

The improvement in oil prices and projections that they could increase further would largely benefit Gulf crude producers, however, they carry risks of return of high inflation to the region, according to National Commercial Bank (NCB). The report was published by Bank Audi MENA Weekly Monitor.
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World Bank: Lebanon’s water sector must face poor quality and low supply

The World Bank said the main challenge facing the water sector in Lebanon is to gain the trust of consumers, as the sector suffers from inadequate supply and low quality service, reported Lebanon This Week, the economic publication of the Byblos Bank Group.

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Growth Gains Strength in Middle East and North Africa, but Sluggish Credit Impedes Stronger Recovery

Economic prospects for the countries of the Middle East and North Africa have improved with the resumption of capital inflows and rising crude oil prices. But stress in the banking and financial sectors along with slow credit activity are weighing on the rebound, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in its latest Regional Economic Outlook (REO). The REO for the Middle East and North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (MENAP) was presented today at the Dubai International Financial Center.

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Energy experts fear more power cuts in Lebanon this summer

BEIRUT: The specter of constant electricity cuts is haunting the Lebanese again as officials confirm that the government does not have any immediate plan to reduce power rationing in the summer season, when millions of expatriates and foreign tourists flock to the country.
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