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Investing in the Lebanese Creative Economy yields future opportunities for younger generations

Lebanon has an opportunity to fuel its economic growth, by further investing in its creative ecosystem. Additionally, over the past few years the Creative Economy sector has witnessed a significant development in this region, in general and in Lebanon in particular, and there has been an increase in the size and quality of creative production. This makes it important to start addressing creativity from an economic perspective and to promote the understanding of creativity as a viable economic activity that generates wealth and jobs.
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Summer weddings stay hot despite rising costs and Ramadan

As couples eagerly await the summer season to tie the knot in Lebanon, a usually booming sector has shown signs of a slowdown this season, as the combination of rising prices and the positioning of Ramadan  during a peak period seem to be affecting business.
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Lebanon Business and Investment Summit 2010

If an ideal investment climate consists of irresistible incentives and permanent country assets, then Lebanon is the Middle East investment magnet par excellence. Lebanon has it all: access to a huge regional market, a vast pool of skill and talent, a versatile culture, and a trade, banking, and legal infrastructure conductive to investment. A model for social and economic development in the Middle East, Lebanon boasts impressive growth, high investment, and unmatched social indicators. Its strategic location, free-market investment policies, liberal economic environment, banking secrecy, and entrepreneurial private sector make conducting business in Lebanon the ideal choice.

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Real Estate Association of Lebanon officially launched

Under the patronage of Economy and Trade Minister Mohamad Safadi, the Real Estate Association of Lebanon (R.E.A.L.) was officially launched on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, at Le Vendôme Intercontinental Hotel in Beirut. An outstanding attendance regrouped media figures, diplomats and senior figures from the real sector as well as representatives of Beirut and Mount-Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, industry and Agriculture. As it aims to be the first representative organization, R.E.A.L. mainly seeks to support the different entities operating in the real estate sector.

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Relocate to Lebanon “own, invest & Live” 27-28 July 2010 Beil – Beirut, Lebanon

Since 1993, the Arabcom group has established a robust reputation of excellence, commitment to customers and financial stability. This year we strive to recapture Lebanese expatriates to their homeland Lebanon, to provide them with an opportunity to meet with leading Industries in order to enhance their awareness and understanding of the investment and relocation opportunities in Lebanon. We are pleased to introduce the FIRST and ONLY Exhibition in Lebanon that brings together Banks, Insurance companies, Real Estate, Job Opportunities, Car Rentals, Shipping Companies, Travel Agencies, Interior Designers, and Furniture Galleries to help expatriates relocate to Lebanon with ease. “Relocate to Lebanon” is scheduled to take place on 27-28 of July in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Promoting the economic and financial development of lebanon

It is the Lebanese International Business Council (LIBC) honor to invite you to PLANET LEBANON 2010, the Lebanese-Arab Expatriates Networking Conference, looking forward that you take an active part in this significant international event, as a strong contribution to the efforts to promote economic development in Lebanon, along with the Lebanese sense of entrepreneurship,whether resident or emigrant.

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Renewable energy can prevent foreign influence – expert

Lebanon needs to urgently decrease its energy dependence on fossil fuels and switch to cleaner renewable energies (RE) to prevent foreign influence in the country’s affairs

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Business Opportunities in Lebanon

Every year since 2003, Lebanon Opportunities has been organizing the largest business event of the year. More than 1,000 business managers, investors, and opinion makers participate every year in that event. The event has become the premier business networking opportunity in Lebanon, full of useful workshops, business and investment matching, exhibition, other side activities.

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