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Beirut Real Estate Market to Grow 15 Percent

Beirut real estate market predicted to grow 15 percent in next three yearsLebanon’s real estate market will grow by up to 15 percent in the next three years, director general of the Economy Ministry Fuad Fleifel said Thursday at the Beirut International Property Fair.
“Lebanon has gone against the current of the international financial crisis in the real estate sector,” said Fleifel. “Its [real estate] value has risen by 9 percent during the first eight months of 2009, with expectations that it will rise between 10 and 15 percent until the year 2013.”
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Salameh: Real estate boom can’t continue at same pace

Central Bank governor Riad Salameh said the real estate boom which Lebanon experienced over the past two years cannot continue in the same pace.

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The Lebanese real-estate sector is performing well

From January to July 2010, the number of building permit applications has shown a 18% increase compared with the same period of 2009.

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Property sales up 105 percent in first five months of 2010

Sales of properties in Lebanon over the first five months of 2010 rose by 105.4 percent to LL5.785 trillion ($3.8 billion) compared to the same period of 2009, according to data which was released by the Directorate of Real Estate, in a report published by Bank Audi’s Weekly Monitor on Monday.

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$500 million residential project unveiled in Beirut

Beirut Terraces, a $500 million residential development situated in the heart of the capital was unveiled on Thursday in a ceremony which celebrated the commencement of the project’s construction.

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Central Bank: Lebanon real-estate industry not a bubble

Growth in Lebanon’s real-estate market, which has helped to spur economic growth, is unlikely to create a housing bubble, the country’s central bank Vice Governor Saad Andary said.

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Lebanese struggle to find homes as market prices soar

As property markets around the world struggle to recover in the wake of the economic crisis, Lebanon’s real estate sector is at an all-time high, leaving many people desperate for affordable housing.

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Real estate firms eye 150 percent rise in sales

Real estate companies expressed their optimism on Wednesday about the projected performance of the sector in Lebanon for the year 2010.
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