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Number of tourists up 18% in first 10 months of 2010

The number of incoming tourists to Lebanon totaled 1,851,922 in the first 10 months of 2010, constituting an increase of 17.6% from 1,574,490 tourists in the same period last year. Arab tourists accounted for 33.6% of total visitors and were followed by visitors from Europe with 22.4%, Asia with 21.9%, the Americas with 12.8%, Africa with 6.6%, and Oceania with 2.8%. The number of tourists
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Lebanon: Tourism’s Place in the Sun


Lebanon is quietly confident of breaking through the 2m mark for tourist arrivals this year and setting a new record both for visitor numbers and revenue, but the government is being urged to do more to ensure the sector’s growth.

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Summer weddings stay hot despite rising costs and Ramadan

As couples eagerly await the summer season to tie the knot in Lebanon, a usually booming sector has shown signs of a slowdown this season, as the combination of rising prices and the positioning of Ramadan  during a peak period seem to be affecting business.
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Tourism in Lebanon to reach a record high this year

While most countries are struggling with recession, Lebanon seems to benefit from the economic meltdown showing an improvement of its tourism sector over the past year.

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Lebanese tourism jumps 11.58%

Lebanon’s tourism ministry has reported an 11.58% increase in the number of tourists in July compared with the same month last year, Daily Star has reported.

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Lebanon Tourism $3B Investment Underway;Sees More Opportunities

Lebanon’s tourism sector has $3 billion of investment underway but there is scope for even more, Lebanon’s official National News Agency, or NNA, reports Wednesday citing a tourism ministry official.

Michel Habis, advisor to the Lebanese minister of tourism Fadi Abboud, said there is potential to expand ecotourism, which currently accounts for 3% of general tourism compared with 70% in many countries.

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Resilient Lebanon attracts tourists, money, glamour

Two years ago, Lebanon was reeling from a crisis which brought gun battles onto the streets of Beirut, forced its airport to shut, and threatened to pitch the Mediterranean country back into civil war.

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Byblos, Lebanon’s Ancient Port, Is Reborn

IT was a peaceful Sunday evening in September, and the sun was casting a reddish glow on the nearby ramparts and ruins perched above the Mediterranean. Below, a yacht filled with bikini-clad women sped into Byblos’s famed harbor while the skipper, outfitted in gold aviator shades, squawked the horn for no apparent reason.

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Record million visitors in one month for Lebanon

More than one million tourists visited Lebanon in the month of July, a record number for the tiny Mediterranean country, the tourism ministry said on Tuesday.
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