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Alpha banks see 20 percent profit rise in first nine months

Alpha banks see 20 percent profit rise in first nine monthsFinancial indicators of the top 12 banks operating in Lebanon showed moderate growth in activity in the first nine months of 2010, Bank Audi’s Lebanon Weekly Monitor, citing the alpha report issued by Bankdata Financial Services, reported.
The report stated that loans registered a substantial growth over the aforementioned period of this year, supporting earning growth in a period that witnessed relatively tough operating conditions.
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Hayek clarifies concepts related to public-private partnership

BEIRUT: Head of the higher council for privatization Ziad Hayek said Tuesday that the partnership between the private and public sectors is different than privatization.

“The partnership between the public and private sectors includes the purchase of services by the public sector from the private sector,” he said.

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Urban Regeneration Plans for Lebanon

Beirut: a thousand times destroyed, a thousand times reborn” is a saying popular enough to have once graced the posters of Lebanon’s national airline.

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