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Bank of Lebanon Must Stop Issuing High Interest Rate CD’s.

It happened again. The Lebanese commercial banking sector in addition to many in the Cabinet were making the obligatory news media rounds on May 10, 2010 trumpeting the extraordinary increase in capital inflows into Lebanon. On the surface that sure is good news. But does it really reflect heightened confidence in the Lebanese economy or are the commercial banks telling only one side of a more complicated reality.

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Relocate to Lebanon “own, invest & Live” 27-28 July 2010 Beil – Beirut, Lebanon

Since 1993, the Arabcom group has established a robust reputation of excellence, commitment to customers and financial stability. This year we strive to recapture Lebanese expatriates to their homeland Lebanon, to provide them with an opportunity to meet with leading Industries in order to enhance their awareness and understanding of the investment and relocation opportunities in Lebanon. We are pleased to introduce the FIRST and ONLY Exhibition in Lebanon that brings together Banks, Insurance companies, Real Estate, Job Opportunities, Car Rentals, Shipping Companies, Travel Agencies, Interior Designers, and Furniture Galleries to help expatriates relocate to Lebanon with ease. “Relocate to Lebanon” is scheduled to take place on 27-28 of July in Beirut, Lebanon.

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