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Central Bank: Lebanon real-estate industry not a bubble

Growth in Lebanon’s real-estate market, which has helped to spur economic growth, is unlikely to create a housing bubble, the country’s central bank Vice Governor Saad Andary said.

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Lebanon real estate sales up 41 percent

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Can Lebanon weather Greek economic crisis?

The severe economic crisis in Europe and Greece may have a mixed impact on Lebanese economy in general, economist and financial experts said on Tuesday.

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Moody’s Upgrades Lebanon Government Bond Ratings

International ratings agency Moody’s on Tuesday upgraded Lebanon’s government bond ratings by one notch to B1 from B2, citing the country’s resilient banking system and an improved political climate.

Moody’s said it was also upgrading foreign currency bank deposits to B1 from B2 and foreign currency bonds to Ba3 from B1.

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Reports of VAT-hike plans drive up prices 3.5 percent

Beirut Stock Exchange

After eleven years of absence, the Beirut Stock Exchange returns with remarkable energy. Because the stock exchange will play an important role in the success of the reconstruction process, we are posting this interview with Gabriel Sehnawi, head of the stock exchange committee who is an expert in the field of financial administration.

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Lebanon is booming because of the global financial crises

The world maybe in meltdown but Beirut is booming. The country best known for wars, turmoil and instability has not just survived the global financial crisis, it seems to be thriving because of it.

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